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Looking for a part-time or full-time business opportunity?

Kaeser & Blair dealerships are independent enterprises in the Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products industry that can be run as a full time business or as a secondary source of income.

You own and operate your own dealership. It can be marketed under your own name, or you can create a new company name. You can build it up and then sell it or pass it along to family. The choice is yours, you're the boss.

The program is successful and has a proven track record for creating exciting careers coupled with industry leading financial rewards. Kaeser & Blair, Inc. provides your independent dealership with access to product, exclusive pricing, dealer support, tools for success, education, and industry leading commissions.

Kaeser & Blair independent dealerships are enterprises that are respected, known, and relied upon by hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide. Kaeser & Blair dealers get companies noticed, create exposure, value and recognition for their customers by being a resource and supplying them with one of the advertising industries most frequently used vehicles - promotional products and advertising specialties.

What are Promotional Products/Ad Specialties?

The promotional products and advertising specialty business is an exciting form of advertising where the marketing message is delivered on a useful item.

Promotional advertising is believed to be one of the most accepted and appreciated forms of advertising there is. Most recipients of promotional products appreciate receiving the item and express their appreciation and remember the name of the advertiser for months.

This 17 Billion dollar plus industry has been consistently in a state of growth for more than 15 years. Virtually every business uses promotional or advertising specialty products.

The products the industry provides have a highly perceived value and people use them. Research shows that promotional products have a higher recall rate, increase companies images, increase company referrals, and greater reach than other forms of advertising.

The advertising messages are targeted to the right audience on a useful and lasting item. Promotional Products and Advertising Specialties increase branding initiatives and corporate awareness, while reducing waste and increasing ROI.

They create goodwill, motivate employees, encourage new customer accounts, stimulate sales, reinforce safety, and help to build brand awareness, Every business and organization is a potential user of promotional products.

Dealer Support

K&B provides best-in-class service to their family of Dealers. Industry Professional Dealers are assigned to an experienced Dealer Support Representative that is responsible for meeting their needs. Order follow up is a priority but, we can also help with sourcing and research. K&B’s support will allow you more time to sell which will mean greater earnings and more opportunities. From finding the best vendor for 144 ball caps or an offshore source for 144,000; K&B has the support you need.

Skilled, versatile, and knowledgeable best describes our outstanding team of Dealer Support Representatives. Always available and proactively working to support your dealership needs, our team is ready to provide you with valuable industry insight, detailed product information, and assistance with getting orders produced, shipped and delivered.

This is NOT a MLM business

This is not a Network Marketing (MLM) business, and you never have to recruit anyone into multiple downlines to make a profit. These are great products at spectacular prices. Products whose value has been proven and are in demand by customers everywhere. You can recruit sub-dealers who receive full commissions and be paid residual income off their sales from Kaeser & Blair, however, this only applies to dealers you recruit yourself not multiple downlines.

Become a Kaeser & Blair Authorized Dealer Today...

Signing on as an independent dealer is simple. Our dealers simply need to complete a simple online form and pay a $85 refundable deposit for a startup kits. The startup kit is a 60 lb box that contains more than 40 product catalogs and product samples from some of the industries largest suppliers, Kaeser & Blair Best Buys catalog, order forms and has audio and video training materials, along with policy and start-up tip booklets. This kit is available for an $85.00 refundable deposit. You can return the kit within 30 days for a full refund - No questions asked. Or keep the kit. When you sell $1500.00 in advertising products, you will receive your refund in full. By that time, you will have earned $250 - $320 in commissions. Kaeser & Blair processes all orders, deals with the manufacturers, assumes all credit risks, and performs all delivering and collecting. Because they're in a position to finance ANY order no matter how large. You can work from home, work your own hours, and the start up investment is small to start your own business.

Click Here to sign up TODAY! When asked how you heard about this opportunity, please enter Dealer #97255.

Call us anytime with questions about your new business as we are here to help get you off to a good start.



     Dealer Kit

K&B Dealer Kit

The startup kit is a 60 lb box that contains more than 40 product catalogs and product samples from some of the industries largest suppliers, Kaeser & Blair Best Buys catalog, order forms and has audio and video training materials, along with policy and start-up tip booklets. 


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